Bed Bugs and Public Health

Public Health and Bed Bug

It is common to think that our homes are safe havens where we can be completely relaxed in terms of public health. Whether we live by ourselves, we are married, we have kids or just roommates and furry friends, houses are not untouched to pests. Having public health and bed bug conversations is key to keep our environments safe.

Public Health and Bed Bug: Everything You Need To Know

It is common to think that our homes are safe havens where we can be completely relaxed in terms of public health. Whether we live by ourselves, we are married, we have kids or just roommates and furry friends, houses are not untouched to pests. Having public health and bed bug conversations is key to keep our environments safe.

Do not panic, you can trust us and we will help you solve the problem if you see yourself reflected in this information. It is always good to stay informed about the public health and bed bug topic. In the next few lines, we will make sure that you know everything there is about this pest, the bed bug. Then, how to identify if you require a bed bug treatment, and finally, how to get rid of bed bugs.

What is a bed bug exactly?

The bed bug is a sneaky little pest that can move around easily using the simple day to day objects to get inside your house. But, if we are going to start a public health and bed bug conversation we need to clear the air does a bed bug even look like?

Contrary to popular belief, the bed bug does not fly (thankfully!) and they don’t have jumpy legs like other small pests, so they can’t jump around and latch onto things. They are flat looking and have rounded shapes. If we could use color to identify their common look that would be brown and reddish if you are looking at a recently fed bed bug.

Well, you can identify them when putting them directly in front of you. Sometimes, since people are not well educated when a conversation on public health and bed bug starts, there are tons of misinformation out there.

On the “public health and bed bug” topic: fake beliefs

We have already debunked that bed bugs do not fly or jump high like people usually think.  There is other stuff the people often take as truth because of the misinformation on the public health and bed bug topic.

It is widely believed that bed bugs are too small to be seen without any kind of aid. Nothing further from the truth. If you have decent eyesight, you can identify a bed bug with little to no effort: They are insects as big as 5mm when they are adults. The only ones that are difficult to see are their babies, but even so, the little ones, also called nymphs, are the size of a pinhead and they can be seen when recently fed, because of their color changes from white to brown.  

People also widely believe that bed bugs enter houses via animals, from rescued cats and dogs to even parrots. Do not give your furry friends the side-eye! These pests prefer to do little effort when feeding on a host, so they prefer the hairless human flesh to latch onto than flesh with thick hair or feathers that they must fight to feed.

Another myth is that, to get rid of bed bugs or that a good bed bug treatment (especially preventive treatments!) is to get your house squeaky clean. When good public health and bed bug conversation is not held, people tend to assume that these pests are directly related to dirty environments. They tend to confuse these pests with lice or cockroaches. Not every small brown thing comes from the garbage.

How did that bug get into my house?

Speaking of’ll be surprised to see how easy is for these insects to get in your home.

They can live and thrive where humans are, not just in dirty places as is a common belief, but everywhere. There could be bed bugs in your office, at the gym, at hotels, airports, and even your own home. And when they infect a place and reproduce, is quite difficult to get ahold of the situation.

This is why having the public health and bed bug conversation early is so important for you and your community. Whether is a conversation on basic information about the insect, to how a bed bug treatment works and how to get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are quite sneaky, their flat bodies allow them to hide in crevices of your personal belongings, and their small size allows them to not be seen successfully. Any kind of bag is ideal for them to transport from place to place because a bag has every characteristic of a good hideout: is dark, has tons of little crevices and you get them in and out of your house without conducting a hard investigation inside them every time.

You trust your bag and it seems like they know that!

But this is no reason to be paranoid everywhere from now on. Remember that you can see them and that you can be careful around the places that you know and frequent. And even so, if they get to infest your home there are always ways to get rid of bed bugs.

There is no infestation that a good and effective bed bug treatment can’t solve.

Speaking of public health and bed bug: bites on your skin

When boarding the public health and bed bug talk, this part can be truly scary: The favorite (and only) meal that these pests have is blood. At the date, there is no information on diseases acquired via bites from bed bugs.

These marks are very peculiar and you can often find their vestiges when you wake up in the morning: they leave blood drops from feasting on you, but they can also leave their tiny feces and sometimes pieces of their skin that fall off of them from moving around.

Places that they bite the most are either parts of your body that don’t have anything on top of them or parts of your body that are in contact with different things: your hands are the number one spot they go for. Second, the face and neck, but truly no part of the body is safe as long as it is exposed.

Bed bugs feed in a fashion similar to mosquitoes - They suck on your skin in the same way they inject you with an anticoagulant agent that will let them a feast to their heart's content without having your blood to dry on the process. Every person reacts differently to this chem, some people are allergic to it which causes their skin to redden and raise, but other people only reddens and it stays flat. Even so, bed bugs like to bit a lot of times in adjacent areas so that is a way to identify the bites as well.

The bad news is that the reactions on your skin might not happen at the moment, they can go asymptomatic for days, which is important information to give when having the public health and bed bug talk. It will itch eventually in the areas affected.

Public health and bed bug: to notice and infestation

This is another scary term when speaking on public health and bed bug topics: the word infestation. An infestation will not go unnoticed since these pests can reproduce quite quickly. Still, there are ways to get rid of bed bugs and procedures that can serve as a bed bug treatment.  

They love to live, thrive and hide in the place you spend the most passive time at your bed. Think about it, beds have thousands of pieces and dark crevices where a small dark creature can hide without you even noticing. They sleep with you.

But don’t worry, there are other ways to notice when your environment is infested with these tiny creatures without having to have a close encounter with an entire city of insects under your mattress.

Look for the black stains that they shredded skin or feces left behind, or the brown-reddish stains left by their recently fed crushed bodies anywhere around your place.

The ultimate bed bug treatment: we can help you get rid of bed bugs!

We are your solution and we can help you control and eliminate this awful public health and bed bug issue in no time!

The only way to get rid of bed bugs is to hire a team of professionals with the right weapons and knowledge to eradicate these pests from your environment.

For the normal day to day person, even with all this information, it can be very difficult to realize whether or not their families are at a high health risk, and the homemade methods can be highly ineffective to serve as a bed bug treatment.  

But you need to look no more because we are here to give you peace and help you assess, control and eradicate this health risk from your house.

Look no more for other services and hire us today to solve your bed bug problem! You will not regret it!

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